Choosing the Right Carpet Fiber

Nylon – It is the strongest, most durable, and most widely used. It has better crush resistance, appearing retention, and is easy to clean.

Triexta – The appearance of Triexta is similar to nylon and incredibly stain resistant. It is durable and much softer than other fibers.

Polyester Carpets – It is known for its vibrant colors, but is not as durable as nylon. Best suited for low traffic areas and where color and style are the most important.

Olefin Carpets – They are moisture resistant but are limited in color selection. They are also not as resilient as nylon. In higher traffic areas only the best constructed and most dense style should be used.

Wool – It is the oldest fiber and is used in less than 3% of today’s marketplace. Although it is still an ideal carpet fiber, cost removes it as a factor in today’s residential market.

Manufacturers We Carry
  • Shaw Floors Carpet
  • Mohawk Carpet
  • Bliss Carpet
  • Southwind Carpet
  • Kraus Flooring
  • Aladdin Flooring
  • Stanton Flooring

The fiber you choose is critical to the value and performance of your carpet.

Our professional sales consultants will help you make the right choice for all your carpet needs.